Region Chair Justin Martin inducts the four Section Chairs into their newly-elected positions at APO's F1/F2/F3 Conference in Normal, IL, April 2019

Regional Team

Let us introduce you to our Regional Team, our team is made up of elected and appointed alumni volunteers. These are the dedicated folks that stay involved long after graduation to help keep our Region running smoothly.

Region F Chair

Matthew Smith
Region F Chair
Amy Goodwin
Deputy Region F Chair

Section Chairs

Ava Raddatz
Section F1 Chair
Lee Piecoro
Section F2 Chair
Kelli Breymeyer
Section F3 Chair
Liz Jamka
Section F4 Chair

Region Teams


  • Kelli Breymeyer

Advisor Relations

  • Neill Unger
  • Rob Faulkner
  • Mac Payton

Alumni Relations

  • Param Shah

Awards & Recognition

  • Chris Stanley
  • Beth Johnson

Chapter Development

  • Lee Piecoro
  • Stephanie Blagaich


  • Beth Voigt


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Sean Veal
  • Craig Bona


  • TBD


  • TBD

NEIU Sponsor

  • Amy Goodwin

We’ve got committees for all sorts of things, from Alumni to Service. And there’s someone who can help you with all of them! For now, get ahold of us via our Contact form.