Alpha Phi Omega Region F's 2024 Spring Conferences - Downstate April 6 & Chicagoland April 13

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Are you missing that feeling of fellowship you had at National Convention, or are you feeling like you missed out? Never fear, section conferences are here! Meet up with chapters from all around Region F, hear from special guests from other areas of the country, and learn about topics, strategies, and plans that will help your chapter succeed even more than you already are!

While anyone from any chapter is welcome to attend either event (or both!), we’ll be holding events both downstate and in Chicagoland to make attendance easy for everyone.

And we want to make this a great conference FOR YOU! What are the topics that would be most useful? Finances? Recruitment? Something else entirely? Take our super-quick, one-question poll and tell us what you want to know – we’ll include your picks in the conference!

Register before March 23 for special discounts!

Registration is now open, and early registration starts at just $15! You’ll save at least $5 when you sign up before March 23, and there’s a special discount for pledges and Society of Life Members too. Bring the whole chapter and save that $ for snacks, service projects, or something else fun!

The Downstate Section Conference will be on April 6 for chapters in the ODD numbered sections. That is, if you’re in Section F1 or F3! We’ll be meeting at UIUC, and you can check in with the Alpha Alpha chapter brothers for directions around campus and good spots to park.

The Chicagoland Section Conference will be on April 13 for chapters in the EVEN numbered sections, F2 and F4. City chapters can hop on a bus right to the University of Chicago, and the Gamma Sigma chapter brothers can point you toward our meeting rooms and the best spots in and around Hyde Park.

We’ll have more details as the dates get closer, so watch this space for all the info you’ll need about these upcoming conferences and get ready for the best local LFS around.

Not sure which section you’re in? NBD! (these are also great chapters to reach out to for fellowships!)

F1: Downstate

Zeta Alpha – Bradley University

Eta Sigma – Illinois College

Lambda Rho – Augustana College

Alpha Beta Gamma – Knox College

F2: Chicagoland

Eta – Northern Illinois University Eta 

Zeta Gamma – Valparaiso University

Alpha Beta Omicron – Elmhurst University  

Alpha Zeta Delta – Lake Forest College

F3: Downstate

Alpha Alpha – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Eta Epsilon – Milikin University

Theta Epsilon – Illinois State University

Omega Epsilon – Illinois Wesleyan University

Alpha Zeta Omega – Parkland College

Alpha Eta Lambda – Eureka College

F4: Chicagoland

Sigma – Northwestern University

Gamma Sigma – University of Chicago

Pi Eta – Loyola University Chicago

Sigma Sigma – University of Illinois Chicago

Upsilon Iota – DePaul University